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The First Course

Jul 14, 2010 | 0 comments

I am definitely not a celebrity chef…although among my circle of friends and colleagues, I am definitely known as a gourmand (translation: food snob, culinary aficionado and general omnivore). The simple truth is that I love food.  Always have.  In fact, some of my earliest childhood memories are of trying spicy Indonesian food…and liking it. My grandparents had the opportunity to live overseas for many years in Africa, Indonesia and other faraway places, and (also being food lovers) brought back the flavors they enjoyed to share with family and friends back home in California.  My mom is also a wonderful cook, and I certainly learned to appreciate the making of good food from her.  So why this blog?  Because I love to cook (even after a 10-hour workday and a 1-hour commute), love to share my successful recipes with friends, and figured I might as well share more broadly than my Facebook page.  I hope this Everyday Gourmet blog will be fun reading, inspire others to want to eat and cook great food, and generally make you hungry.

Just to be clear, the name is meant to imply that I’m just an everyday cook – no restaurant, no industrial kitchen, no published cookbook.  It does not mean that I intend to blog every day (I’m going for weekly or whenever I have an epicurean adventure to share), although I welcome you to visit here every day if you like, and contribute your own thoughts and comments!

A few more notes about me…since you’re here.  My name is Whitney, I’m in my mid-40s (although isn’t that the new 30?), am married to an incredible man who is my partner in everything, and live in San Francisco, California.  No kids, although we just brought home a new fur-child — an 8 week-old golden retriever who at this very moment is enjoying her own culinary pleasures (aka kibble).   I’m not all about food, although clearly it’s a passion.  I’m a marketing executive for a software division of a large company, and love my job.   I have an outstanding team, work for a great company, love my boss, and have a real belief in the products we sell.  I travel a lot, and love it, which of course feeds my fondness for food from all over the world.  And I’m a bit of a technophile (my iPad is the best thing for online recipe surfing, shopping and cooking!).

So there you have it….the Everyday Gourmet blog is born.  I hope you enjoy it!  Next up, the story of the Indian Feast I put on for 9 last weekend with a dear friend.

Bon appetit!



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