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Frances Restaurant – all it’s cracked up to be

Oct 19, 2010 | 0 comments

This past Saturday, we went with a couple of friends to the seemingly impossible-to-get-into Frances. Since it’s opening, reservations have been scarce.  In fact, we planned weeks ahead and could only get a 5:15pm slot on a Saturday.  But I have to say, it was worth the wait and the anticipation!  The food was fresh, creatively prepared, and well….just scrumptious!

We were lucky to have four of us, so we were able to sample a lot on the menu. I could have stopped, however, at the very first item: Applewood Smoked Bacon Beignets with maple creme fraiche and chives.  Seriously?!  I drool just to think of it. And yes, they were even better than they sound. We also shared the other three bites – chickpea fritters, beet salad, and grilled calamari. All wonderful.

Next course, we shared the Chicken Liver Mousse (smooth as silk) and the Ricotta Gnocchi. Mmmm…Main courses included the lamb (rich and tender), the Chicken (my hubby didn’t share a single bite, so I assume it was fabulous), and the tuna (also have to assume it was great since every bite was gone from the plate when our friend finished!).  Cheese and two desserts (a pear and date cake, and a chocolate cake) topped the whole thing off.

Now what about the booze?! We started with market shots, which are shot-sized sips of spiked fresh pureed whatever-is-in-season fruit – this time pears. Then a champagne cocktail, followed by a glass of delicious white from France. And finally, a shared bottle of Pinot Noir from Williamette Valley.  Have to say, the whole night was great, and I highly encourage any locals or visitors to San Francisco to give it a try.  But plan ahead.

Bon appetit!



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