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A Feast to Welcome 2011!

Jan 2, 2011 | 0 comments

Happy New Year to all of you out there! I hope you had a happy, entertaining and foodie-filled New Year celebration like we did. I absolutely hate being out on NYE…bad drivers, fixed menus in restaurants with less-than-great service, not a taxi to be seen. And there are the crowded parties you buy tickets to, where you’re certainly with a lot of people, but not YOUR people…know what I mean? So my hubby and I have rung in the last several New Years with a few close friends, usually at our place. We have great drinks, fantastic food, delicious champagne, and tons of laughs.

We had four of our closest friends over, and a couple whom we recently met that we figured would be a great addition to the party. My husband, who is quite the mixologist, offered a menu of cocktails both classic and inventive. I cooked most of the day, to produce a fun and delicious menu that wouldn’t take a lot of attention once the party got underway. Here’s a look at the menu:


We had a fabulous time, and kept the party going until about 2:30am. Hope you all had as much fun ringing in the New Year, wherever you celebrated. Happy 2011!

Bon appetit!



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