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A Fantastic Pigs & Pinot Party!

Apr 14, 2011 | 0 comments

Last weekend, my husband and I hosted our second annual Pigs & Pinot party. Also known as “wine and swine”, we had a total of 10 people who contributed to a fantastic menu of food and wine.  Every single dish had pork in it (which is quite a feat when we’re talking about dessert!), and each one of them was delicious!


The appetizer of carmelized sweet onions and guiancale tart was absolutely delicious and certainly set the tone for the evening. The mini-pigs made of pastry resting on top were priceless! Next up were the BBQ baby back ribs with a balsamic glaze and dipping sauce. Wow!  The meat fell right off the bone, and no one was upset they had to lick that delicious sauce off their fingers!

The main courses were truly amazing…the “Kahlua pork” was slow cooked for 20 hours, cooked just with water, salt and liquid smoke. It was tender and incredibly flavorful. The sour orange pork shoulder — OMG was it good! Marinated for 3 days in sour orange and a bunch of other yummy things, then glazed as it roasted for several hours.  It was fall-off-the-bone tender. And it was even better accompanied with the orange, cilantro, and serrano dipping sauce! Everyone was pretty taken with the pork “adovada”, slow cooked in a chile colorado sauce made with dried new mexican red chiles, garlic, onion and various seasonings. They were served with corn tortillas and fresh guacamole, soft taco style. On the side were a spinach salad with mushrooms, hard boiled egg, parmesan and of course bacon, in a lemon dressing and also a dish of oven-roasted asparagus topped with lemon zest, goat cheese crumbles and….bacon! Needless to say, no one was left hungry, and the wines were a great complement to every dish on the table.

So you might be wondering how pork fit in the dessert dishes…my hubby and I did a little research and found two great (and perfect-fit) options. The first came from Dynamo Desert & Coffee in San Francisco and was apple maple bacon doughnuts. Absolutely fabulous…a bit sweet with a touch of savory. A perfect finish to the great meal, especially accompanied by the bacon peanut brittle we found from Humphry Slocombe, which was also deliciously sweet and salty!

All in all, it was an indulgent evening of fun, laughs, great drinks, and of course, great food. Here’s to Pigs & Pinot celebrations everywhere!

Bon appetit!



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