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I Finally Ate at Commonwealth…

Apr 7, 2012 | 0 comments

Cpmmonwealth is one of the most popular restaurants in San Francisco right now, and is near impossible to get into on a weekend unless you’re willing to eat at either 5 or 9:30 on a school night. I think I had five different reservations at the place, having to move it each time due to some conflict or other. So last night was a much anticipated event!

The restaurant is in the Mission District of San Francisco, and is very nice inside. Small, with only about 12 tables, it’s very nicely lit and well laid out. Service was great. But of course what you really want to know is how the food was, right?

Here is the menu:



We each started with the soft boiled egg, served with a very interesting mint bread pudding (more like a sponge really), a mushroom cracker, fresh peas and an assortment of other flavors. It was very nicely cooked and prepared, but without a ton of flavor, unfortunately. Perhaps it was slightly underseasoned, but there was just nothing standout in the dish. Next up, we both had the agnolotti, served with a trumpet mushroom, roasted artichoke hearts and a fennel cream. Honestly the dish was a bit on the dry side. The filling for the agnolotti was made of fresh peas, but they weren’t moistened with anything. The dish wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. The last course was probably the best of the three.  My husband had the bacalao croquettes, which he liked but said they were basic croquettes of fish in a cream sauce. And I finished my meal with the pork jowl, which was very tender. The meat was rich but not heavy, and very nicely cooked. I didn’t get a lot of the other flavors in any strong way, but it was delicious nonetheless.


Overall, as you can probably tell, the food was good but not great. It was more on the intellectual side than the delicious one. In a word, overhyped. Still a good meal, but not worth a return trip. And it’s definitely not going on my list of top SF restaurants, sadly.

Bon appetit!



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