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Lamb Chops with Olive-Anchovy Sauce

Jan 26, 2013 | 0 comments

lamb chops with olive anchovy sauce

You know those little lamb riblets that are absolutely delicious to munch on? The individual, small chops that come off a rack of lamb have those few tender bites that just explode with flavor in your mouth…and once those tender bites are gone, the ribs are waiting with those yummy little bits of meat and fat, just waiting to be gnawed upon. So even better when those lamb chops are served with a mouthwateringly delicious sauce….introducing lamb chops with olive-anchovy sauce.

This recipe combines the great flavors of olives, anchovy, lemon and garlic to make a rich sauce that is simply perfect with lamb.


3 Tbsp anchovy paste
10 kalamata olives, pitted and coarsely chopped
2 garlic cloves, roughly chopped
2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice
1 tsp fresh thyme leaves
1/2 tsp fresh rosemary
1/4 cup olive oil
salt & pepper
6 individual lamb chops cut from a rack

Put the anchovy paste, olives, garlic, lemon juice, thyme and rosemary in a blender or mini food processor. Blend until mixture is coarsely chopped. Add olive oil and process until a smooth sauce forms. Taste and season with salt & pepper to taste.

Season the lamb chops with salt & pepper and cook on medium high heat in a grill pan or over direct heat on a gas or charcoal grill for 3-4 minutes a side. Remove from heat and serve, drizzling some of the sauce on the lamb chops and the rest on the side.

And don’t forget to gnaw on those rib bones!

Bon appetit!



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