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My Favorite Kitchen Gadget

Aug 6, 2010 | 0 comments

Sure, you can squeeze the juice from a lemon by using your hands, or even your teeth…but then those pesky seeds end up in whatever you’re making, and you probably aren’t getting all the juice out of that lemon either. It’s one of the simplest tools you can have in your kitchen drawer, but one of the most valuable — the lemon squeezer. I worship mine, and tend to use it 9 out of 10 times I’m cooking.

Now here is where the retailers will try and trick you…not only is there an actual LEMON squeezer, but also one for limes and oranges (because of course these various fruits are different sizes)! Don’t fall for it…you can use just one, and I personally prefer the lemon (the middle sized one). Lime halves fit just fine in the bowl, and if an orange is too big, just cut it in fourths rather than in half. The seeds are trapped in the bowl of the squeezer and the leverage lets you get all that great juice from the fruit. My favorite (and most used!) kitchen gadget by far…

So what’s your favorite kitchen gadget? Please share!

Bon appetit!



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