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The SF Street Food Festival

Aug 22, 2010 | 0 comments

There has been a great trend developing in San Francisco (and certainly not only in this great city) – food carts and trucks serving fantastic food popping up all over town. Thank goodness there is now an annual festival – the SF Street Food Festival – where you can taste a bit of the best all in one day! We headed to the fest on Saturday with a friend of ours visiting from Paris.

The three of us ate our way through the afternoon, stopping at some great spots like Namu, where we tried these delicious Korean “tacos”.



We also enjoyed dishes from Flour + Water, El Tonayense, and a few others along the way. Vendors offered a small bite, a bigger bite and a drink. I only wish I could’ve eaten more than we did!



As the T-shirt the fest workers wore says, “Eat to your Cart’s Content”! Awesome day, and looking forward to next year…

Bon Appetit!



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