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An All Modern Evening in NY (tech, art, food)

Apr 30, 2012 | 0 comments

I spent most of last week in New York — one of my favorite foodie destinations! Fortunately, I had my husband along, so we indulged and hit some amazing places in between work obligations. I think my foodie adventures in NY are going to turn into at least 3 blog posts total, this being the first. So stay tuned for more foodie fun about my trip, including a rundown of a highly unusual and amazing dinner, an afternoon at Batali’s Eataly, and a bunch of other great eating and drinking. See why I might end up with 3 blog posts?!

But first up, a post about an all-modern evening, which was actually a work thing. Fortunately, I’m as passionate about tech as I am about food, and this particular night was a great combo of both. The idea of the evening was to provide a group of Chief Information Officers (the folks who make all the important decisions about technology in their respective companies) a night of thoroughly modern and interesting technology, conversation, food, wine and art.  It started out with a tour of a highly sophisticated (read: way cool) data center facility just outside the city in New Jersey. For those of you readers who are purists in culinary adventures and don’t know what a data center is, imagine a very large building full of computers and all their associated peripherals that “rent” computing bandwidth to various companies. The company I work for, Box, uses these facilities to run our own data centers (thus the reason for the tour). Here are a couple of photos I found online (I did not take any unauthorized photos, I promise!) to give you an idea.

Server room and devices 40631885-datacenter2

Once we finished at the data center, we moved on to the NY Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). If you’ve never been, it’s truly fabulous, espeically if you have the privilege to do a private tour with a really knowledgeable docent like we did. I swear I learned more about modern art in that one hour than I’ve learned in a very long time. For example, that Van Gogh’s famous Starry Night was in part an objection to prior methodologies where the ground is the main focus and other things (clouds, skies, birds, trees) are complementing the main focus. In the case of Starry Night, the sky is the main focus so it’s the opposite, which provokes conversation and introduces a different way of representing nature. Who knew?! We got to stand in front of Starry Night without another soul on the floor….pretty special. Here’s the pic I took of the painting.


And finally, after all that priming, it was time for an amazing dinner at Danny Meyer’s The Modern (at the MOMA). We had a private room, and kicked off the meal with a celebratory glass of French Rose Champagne. The whole menu was absolutely delicious, artfully prepared and everyone loved it. Naturally, as the wine flowed, the conversation did too and all had a great time. Here is the menu for our private dinner, along with the wines I selected.40632840-The_Modern_Menu

A night of modern tech, art and food turned out to be a really fun and impressive evening. It was truly great.


Bon eppetit!



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